Synergy Offroad - Suspension/Steering/Brakes

You spend the most time wrenching on this area of your truck, we all do. Whether you're replacing brakes, improving your steering, or adjusting your shocks... this is where the real functionality of your truck lives. If you're looking for a lift kit, replacement shocks, or steering parts... look inside, Synergy Offroad has you covered.

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Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Add A Leaf and Helper Springs
It's a truck, it was built to haul stuff. Sometimes, we need to haul a little more. Give your truck that extra capacity with a set of add a leafs or helper springs. Or maybe you're looking for a...More Details »
Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Air Suspension
Looking for a way to improve the ride of your rig, or maybe increase it's capacity? Air suspension is the way to go. Air Lift is the number one brand for air suspensions in the industry, and...More Details »
Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Body Lift
Body lifts are a great way to fit larger tires and gain ground clearance. They're relatively easy to install, and often times considerably cheaper than any other available lift. Performance...More Details »
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We all love the skinny pedal, but thank the good Lord for the brakes. Make sure your rig stops when you need it to, and quick! Whether you need cables, hoses, lines, handles, drums, pads, rotors...More Details »
Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Leveling Kits
Leveling kits are arguably the most popular suspension modification that any new truck owner will do. Get rid of that excessive rake your truck came with and gain a little more bumper clearance in...More Details »
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Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Shock and Strut
With any wheeling rig, ride is often compromised for height. This doesn't have to be the case. A set of new, quality shocks can make all the difference in achieving a superior ride for your rig....More Details »
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Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Steering Components
Let's face it, steering components can be the bane of our existence when you're into wheeling. We're always replacing tie rods, pitman arms, idler arms, and every other component under the truck....More Details »
Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Suspension Components
Whether you need control arms, coil springs, leaf springs, links, track bars, or any of their components... we carry it here. A full functional, well designed suspension is crucial, no matter what...More Details »
Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Suspension Lift Kit
It's on the want list for every guy with a truck, a suspension lift. Which is why we chose the top suspension lift brands to proudly display on our website. With offerings from Fabtech, Rancho,...More Details »
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Suspension/Steering/Brakes - Sway Bars
We're big fans of keeping the rubber side down. Keep your sway bar rocking with the bushings, mounts, links, disconnects, and everything else you need to successfully stabilize your rig on the road.
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Protect your junk from getting bent up on the rocks, or at the mall... ya know, wherever you crawl. Get some serious skid plates and under rig armor.